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We are a sustainable, progressive company that has a vision for long term viability in the technology and entertainment business. We believe that everyone should have a choice when deciding which Internet provider is best suited to them. 

Arostream provides the fiber optic infrastructure and enterprise-grade networking equipment necessary to distribute internet to every resident and common area throughout the property.  

We currently offer Internet  packages for all residents.

If the apartment you are living in is connected to our service, you are only a couple of steps away!

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All Wi-Fi names are preset using your Apartment Number and Wi-Fi speed (technology – 2.4 GHZ or 5.8 GHZ).
Example: Apt 100 2.4 GHz OR Unit 200 5.8 GHz. 

5.8 is primarily used for gaming and streaming ,whereas 2.4 is generally used for smart devices connections. 

To connect simply use the Password you specified during the registration process.

The sign in process requires authentication and this is done using your cell phone number.

If you don’t have a cell phone, please call the help desk at 414-454-9079

Having trouble connecting?

Incorrect Wi-Fi Password:

You can reset your Wi-Fi Password: Login to your Account, Click on “My Subscription: and you will see an “Update Wi-Fi Password” screen below.

Need Support?

Click here and fill out the form. We will get back to you right away! 

We currently do not offer dedicated TV service, however most residents stream from YouTube TV, Netflix,
Amazon, Hulu or any of the online streaming TV services. IPTV Service may be available in the future.

There is NO Contract!! After the first 3 weeks of paid internet subscription, you can cancel at any time. We will prorate and refund any unused days.

High speed internet is delivered to you through our Wi-Fi AP device in your new apartment over one of the fastest, most reliable networks available in your area.

We currently don’t offer phone service, but there are several internet based options available, such as
Vonage, Magic Jack, and Phone Power.

Each apartment Wi-Fi unit provides individual authentication via hardware and software configuration. Each user has a unique account and SSID/Wi-Fi Password which is at or above current industry standards. 

We will not resell or distribute your personal information. We are committed to an open and neutral internet.

If you are a marketing firm or are interested in working with us, please contact us via:

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